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In May our board was approached by the Senior Resource Society with a proposal that would bring CSPC
under the umbrella of their organization. Since then there has been much discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of this idea.
We, as the Executive, need to contact our members for input because we are a membership driven organization.
The board is divided. Some of the issues are:

• Control of the organization. CSPC would no longer have its own board. We would have a single representative on the board of the Senior Resource Society. A fulltime coordinator responsible to the Executive Director of Senior Resources would be chosen. CSPC would have limited input into the selection.

• The friend/client nature of the service that we offer may be impacted in ways as yet to be determined.

• We might not be able to maintain an independent office for CSPC.

A representative from the board will be contacting individual members for input before the next Executive meeting which will be held on November 20, 2017. As the Executive considered this proposal it became apparent that there were gaps in our organizational structure. In this regard members will be asked about skills they may have to share toward addressing these gaps.

The Executive thanks in advance for your contribution to this process.

Happy Birthday Lorna Olitch Rhonda Graham
Kelly Hiebert Keith Nixon
Joan Sheanh
Lynn Newman
Dick Thompson
Birthday Cat

 Logo - Fraser Valley Regional Library

The Library event of October 10.
Lorna and Zen set up a table at the Library to promote the Chilliwack Senior Peer Counsellors organization. They were there from 11 am until 2 pm. There were able to answer questions from the general public and display educational materials about CSPC.
We already have a response. Someone who met them at the library who is interested in taking our counselling course in January.
Big Thanks to Lorna and Zen for volunteering their time at the library.

The Graduating Class of October, 2017

Group Grad Montage

A wonderful group volunteers. We wish you every success as counsellors and we are confident in your abilities. It was a pleasure to work with you all.


Santa AnnoucingUp Coming EVENT

Were gonna have a Christmas party….
after Christmas.

We are in the planning stages for a Christmas party to be held in January.
Stay tuned for more information…



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