NEWSLETTER – April 2019





April and Spring go hand in hand.

The days are longer and a bit warmer and we can finally put away our heavy winter coats.  April is probably best known for the Easter and Passover holidays.


Earth Day April 2019 graphicEarth Day is on Monday April 22nd. We can all do our part to promote environmental awareness. Today Earth Day is celebrated in more than 193 countries each year. Here are some ways we can support Earth Day:

  • Walk or ride a bike
  • Recycle
  • Change your lightbulbs
  • Drive the Speed limit
  • Plant a tree
  • Subscribe to E-Bills
  • Pick up Trash
  • Buy reusable bags.


Post Note - What's New

  • Chilliwack Senior Peer Counsellors 20th Anniversary Open House will take place on April 1st from 2 pm to 4 pm in the Boardroom. All are welcome.
  • Another group of 7 Senior Peer Counsellors graduated on March 4th. Welcome onboard!
  • Auburn Retirement Village and Waverly Seniors Village will host an Open House on Sunday April 14th from 2pm to 4pm. An invitation is extended to Counsellors and Clients.
  • The Birchwood will host an Open House on Sunday April 7th from 1 pm to 4 pm.
  • Connect Café will be happening from 10am to 12pm on April 4th at IHOP, April 11th at Homers, April 18th at IHOP and April 25th at Homers.
  • On April 11th Chilliwack Healthier Community is promoting a Public Event entitled “Finding the Balance: Legal Substance Use in our Daily Lives”. This presentation is aimed at increasing awareness and understanding about this issue. This is a no cost event. You can register HERE.

Happy Birthday-GraphicHappy Birthday to all who were born in April!

Zanaida Serquina , Kala Waddell, David Parsons, Peter Duncan, Vern Fanjoy, Tina Chitty


JOKE OF THE DAYJoke of The Day

A wise old man celebrating his 100th birthday got a visit from a local television reporter at the nursing home to interview him. “Are you able to get out and walk much?” the reporter asked. “Well, I certainly walk better today than I could a hundred years ago.”

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