Chilliwack Senior Peer Counsellors LogoWe believe that seniors enjoy talking to other older people who have similar Life experiences. Every senior regardless of race or religion, also has a right to live a full independent, dignified life. Further we believe that Senior Peer Counsellors being of similar age and experience, can act as the vehicle for seniors to help them regain or maintain their independence allowing them to live with dignity.

Our goals are to help maintain the mental health and well being of older adults through a program of peer support. To help promote the personal power of older adults so that they can make informed decisions for themselves by investigating, understanding and weighing all the options available.

  • We are here to Listen; not to work miracles.
  • We are here to Help seniors understand what they are feeling.
  • We are here to Discuss steps with seniors; allowing them to take the steps.
  • We are here to Help seniors discover their own strengths; not to rescue them and leave them vulnerable.
  • We are here to Assist seniors to discover they can make independent choices.
  • We are here to provide support for change.

Would you like a challenge in your retirement? Take a look at our programs and see how you can help your community in need of our service?

Learn more what Chilliwack Senior Peer Counsellors is all about and what we’re doing. Request to be put on our mailing list by calling the office at (604) 793-7204  Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.


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